“WHO YOU ARE?” or 21 odds about me

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Today I got an anonymous msg, asking me to answer only one question: “WHO YOU ARE?”

That’s nice, dude! I would love to answer your question once I will get some idea about it!! Hmm.. but all day long…I kept myself busy to figure out the answer somehow…

If someone will ask you same question (or, who knows, one day you will ask yourself), will you put down

all that typical job searcher stuffs like profession/nationality/gender? And what if one day you will decide to change your gender? Will you stay same person as before?

The trick is you will never really realize that now you are 840 breaths older than you was an hour ago.

I found myself confused. At the same time there is always other side of the coin. Like, as I believe, my “likes” and “dids” dropped me right where I am now, and todays attraction will lead me to the bright, fascinating tomorrow (Hello, Karma!)

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Rishabh and Sakshi’s Jain wedding in Jaipur

Sakshi and Rishabh were, what you may call “exactly my clients”: simple in behaviour though creative by nature. They were looking for photographer in Jaipur, and once we met, we  agreed to shoot right a month before the wedding. Both guys are from this fascinating place (what became almost my home since the time), so our tripled creativity was put to explore beauty of “pink city”. I headed from Delhi to Jaipur late night and there we had 2 full days for our imagination to get blew away. On first day, we put all efforts to set right plan to shoot according to sun, place and outfits, moving here and there all around, arranging dresses, elephant and guitar… (see some more pre wedding shoots in Jaipur )We have so much to say from these pictures! All what those guys loved to do, all what they felt needed to be frozen for generations (nothing less than that!)… So,here we are. I am sure you will enjoy to see these pics all what we got, as same as we do!

IMG_8003 IMG_8187


photographer in Jaipur photographer in Jaipur photographer in Jaipur photographer in Jaipur

Anyway, I am here to tell you something more exciting : ‘The wedding story’,which crowns lingering love of two college mates. They both are Marwaris, but Sakshi from Jain family, so we got cutest ‘day wedding’ with all that beautiful natural light and magic of pink mixed with golden. She chose to wear traditional Rajputana poshak of pink colour with soft green “kair” design. I absolutely loved it! It was accompanied with my favourite rakhdi (that circular typical rajputi tika).

wedding photographer in Jaipur

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