12 stunning ideas for your pre wedding photo shoot

So you are booking pre wedding photographer, but still curious which idea to choose? Here is some tips to follow if you want to create your own unique pre wedding session.

1.Go classic

Roses and wine, what can be more classy? If you don’t have perfect location, wine and roses will always make your shoot. Forget that you been photographed and enjoy your day! Eh, and don’t forget to sip some wine! 🙂

couple with wine pre wedding idea pre wedding photoshoot ideas roses pre wedding photoshoot idea


2. YES, again Taj Mahal..But who can resist this beauty?

Another lovely morning, where Nature helped us itself. I wanted to record young Shah Jahan and his love to Mumtaz. I put the couple under an arch to dance, then sun rays came inside as God’s blessing and made the image what it meant to be: celebration of infinite love. Is not it perfect moment?

pre wedding shoot it Taj Mahal

prewedding couple shoot in Taj Mahal

3. Make sure you wont miss sunset or sunrise

Make sure you will not miss one of very beautiful time of the day, when light is so soft and romantic. Plan your photoshoot on sunset or sunrise. Shoot it at open area or use architecture elements such arch or dome.

prewedding couple photography at sunrise

pre wedding photography in Udaipur

4. Spend a day in oldest city on Earth!

Varanasi – still is unbeaten destination for pre wedding, but it has so much charm, you will be surprised. Plan your trip well to avoid rush and get photographer who knows city well.

pre wedding photography in Varanasi

5. Be yourself

Did you study together? Do you have really funny or romantic story “how we met”? Sharing one hobby or just huge lovers of coffee? Use anything that makes both of you glue to each over, as topic for your pre wedding shoot.

prewedding photography idea with books prewedding photography bike idea

6.Document your trip

Going to trip? Grab your photographer to convert this in a beautiful documentary journey.

prewedding in Ladakh Prewedding in Leh

7.Get wet

Water will do magic, believe me. Is there is an ocean, a river or even a swimming pool,  go for that and you won’t regret! Fun or romantic but always full of emotions images its that what you will get.

prewedding couple shoot in goa pre wedding photography in Goa

8. Use your pre-wedding outfit for glamour portraits

Use your pre-wedding outfit to shoot on location and get magazine-look pictures.

bride in pre wedding lehenga in Jaipur pre wedding photo shoot in Jodhpur9. 

9.Re-visit your your favorite places in the city

Where have you met for the first time? Is there any significant places in the city  just have a walk there again and re-live your memories.

pre wedding photography in Udaipur

10. Shoot with snow this winter!

How about to have a bit of snow this winter? I bet every one would agree for fantastic fairy tale destination, here are cold lips touching hot cup of chocolate, and her breath so near to your chick …

pre wedding shoot in Manali


11. Be Indian!

People comes all over the World to celebrate the festive, calls India! We are so lucky, all we need is to step out from home! Personally I cant find more Indian city than Jaipur! Those colors, forts and elephants will make not only your pre wedding shoot, but whole trip to remember.

prewedding photographer in Jaipurwedding photographer in Jaipur prewedding couple shoot in Jaipur


Finally destinations and ideas does not matter as much as  your true feelings. Come closer to each over, laugh, touch.. feel your partner and say him – this out words – how much you love.

couple pre wedding portrait in Jaipur  prewedding couple shoot ideasprewedding couple shoot close up

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