Honeymoon couple shoot in GOA

…Set under a tree in Goa with wooden crates, a ‘LOVE’ sign, dreamcatchers, a sitar and a hammock – this shoot has a distinctly boho vibe to it. Alvira and Vladimir spent their honeymoon in Goa, and ofcouse wanted to get some sweet pictures to remember. It was easy to shoot them,  we started clicking early at the morning to get soft, warm light. Nina from  incorporated Indian and Western elements in the setup, to give the feel of a  lazy beautiful morning in a middle of nowhere…

10917329_603404993093238_2136664110530791502_n 10888505_603405866426484_4259536503467023546_n

  1901201_603404413093296_5134511762514502382_n  10915259_603404666426604_1013615518193984659_n 10885354_603403826426688_1497969608082324979_n 10403440_603404216426649_5065773158936792750_n 10390187_603403999760004_5929531962771717561_n 10917817_603403886426682_7357705125731273679_n

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