Raj & Bhavita, Destination wedding in Goa

By the time i got to shoot Raj and Bhavita’s wedding, Goa has become kind of home for me. Should I say, I am used to beach photography as no one?  This one is a classic western wedding, where white dress had been plays with waves, and pink evening sky kissed water…and where Raj kisses his love …

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Just a couple of days before we were out for an extremely lovely couple shooting, with coffee and the story of love in between. Bhavita and  Raj have known each other for 15years and been together for the last 12 years. “We are opposites of each other, whilst I like fine dining, exotic holidays and have a fiery nature, Raj loves the outdoors, cars and is the calm chilled one. – says Bhavita. – Being opposites is what has made us into such a good team and we keep each other grounded.”

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“We both met in the summer of 2000 at a youth programme and even though we were friends to begin with we knew that there was something special between us. We were friends for a couple of years and then our relationship blossomed. We have been childhood sweet hearts and together we grew into the people we are today.”

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“After attending my cousins wedding reception the idea of having a destination wedding popped up in my head. I had been to Goa in 2003 and loved it there so I felt it would be lovely to marry next to the sea, sand and beautiful weather. We still argue about who did the proposing, I initially brought the idea up but Raj had the ring. So I’d say it was 50:50”.

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“Leading up to the wedding and even on the morning of the wedding day I was quite calm. The nerves only truly kicked in when I put my dress on  and made my way down to the venue, luckily I had my bridesmaids who helped me relax. I remember walking on the sand and saying to my dad as my wedges sunk down that maybe the whole beach thing should have been done barefoot. Raj was quite nervous leading up to the wedding and I could see it in his eyes when my dad gave my hand to his.”

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“We remember when we said our vows that no one else mattered and we forgot about the guests watching us. We became emotional and remember trying to keep composed because we had no tissues at hand to mop up the tears. It was a special moment between us and even though it was in front of our friends and family, nobody mattered but us. With all the hiccups that come with any wedding that moment was perfect and we will treasure it forever.”

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