Pahari&Bihari wedding in Himachal Pradesh

It was late night and I was sitting in bus, wondering, which one of fast passing dark corner is mine stop. In nights, hilly roads are usually colder and foggy here. I watch from window how smoke, from tea and cigarettes rising up. Few hours later bus reached Palampur and I saw Shilpica – the bride. It was wedding as I love – intimate, overloaded with traditions, and slightly crazy. We climbed mountains in wedding outfit, danced in the forest, kissed under the rain.

Bihari bride

prewedding photography Manali prewedding couple shoot in Dharamsalapre wedding couple portrait
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bride at haldi ceremony haldi ceremony for bride haldi ceremony IMG_3434

In bihari wedding customs it is prescribed for the bride  to keep supari (betel nut)  put on knife to be  prevent from an evil eye.

Groom wearing  Noton ki mala (tradition garland made from banknotes), now rare to see such fashion in big towns or destination weddings.T his garland simbolizing wealth and prosperity.
baraat at north indian wedding

indian groom at baraat welcomming of the groom

This is North Indian tradition where groom have to bargain his entry to the wedding hall. Sisters of bride blocking entry and ask groom’s party for money.

Bihari bride Bihary bride indian wedding, phere

Kanyadan – giving daughter to the groom and phera or saptapadi – seven steps and seven vows, ceremonies mixed with pahari-bihari ways to-do.

IMG_5199 IMG_5298

Left – pahari’s tradition of worshiping kuldevta of groom’s family during wedding ceremony; Right – Bright keeping sindoor box, that she will use whole life long, and it will be going with hir on fire when she will pass away.

indian wedding sindoorbihari wedding, sindoor

In bihari wedding using orange kum kum and applying sindur from tip of nouse till top of the head.

IMG_5355 IMG_5360

Next morning after wedding we were ready to move to the Atul’s house. And when at this point every normal wedding about to end, here things just began!

pahari wedding, Himachal Pradesh

IMG_5423 IMG_5422

IMG_5436_1  pahari wedding traditionsIMG_5433Again kuldevata puja in husband’s house and touching his feet by new wife.

pahari wedding photography  pahari wedding photographer

Female relatives on new house taking care about new bride. They made  marquee using old sarees, there bride will sit during ritual bathing. And cloth changing. They will remove all juwellery what had being given by girl’s parents and put on her cloth and ornaments from new home.

wedding photographer in Himachal Pradesh Pahari indian wedding IMG_5452 IMG_5440During her ritual bathing the groom sits outside of marquee, keeping ritual vail in hands. This vail has covered her had during wedding ceremony according to pahari tradition, and it should not touch the ground.



Woman from groom’s side combing Shilpica’s hair and giving new ornaments.This ritual calls “sirgooti”, its way of welcoming new pahari bride, and showing that now she belongs to new family.





Kalash pooja ..workshiping pot which contains ganga water

IMG_5494 IMG_5491  washing feet of the groom before he leaves and when he comes back after wedding…

IMG_5476 IMG_5486grindding wheat mustard and multi grains in that “okla” its a village tradition to thank our land who feed us with food


Now everything is ready to get into doli! And come up to the hills!

Pahari wedding Himachal Pradesh IMG_5548

IMG_5503 IMG_5573wedding in Himachal Pradesh

We came up to worship kuldev temple of Atul’s family

IMG_5603 IMG_5606 IMG_5593kuldevta pooja again near another small tample. Groom’s family calls him “dadu”he was fore father of his clan (dharwal), they  originated from here, and traditional dance right in forest. 

IMG_5632_1 IMG_5636_1

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