Beautiful Sikh wedding in Delhi

Once upon a time, on a bright sunny morning, I got a nice love story in my mail box. Aditya and Mansi wrote a three pages later with bunch of photos. Oh yes, and they requested for wedding photographer. Not just someone, but someone who can tell their eight years long “pyar ki kahani” and those long years what gone beyond distance and religion, finally got to be crowned by beautiful wedding day. I got to know Mansi just a day before wedding, at her house in South Delhi, where i reached at late evening. It was charming cosy flat with huge Ganesha statue in hall, and tasteful paintings all over the wall. Mansi was wearing heavy kajal, “she looks soo kashmiri”, i thought. Late her mom said what they are half kashmiri brahmins and half kumaoni.

Aditya lived just across the road, and i met his family at same night. There panjabi family celebrated. I got to know all units and uncles before they let me happily despair into my room.

Next day had been divided on two colors. Pink light appeared in gurudvara, and made pics so sweet and soft, while at cocktail party i got splashing green with rose petals all around. Bright sunshine made it’s work, and we have got most beautiful set I ever shot before.

IMG_2986IMG_2857 IMG_2834 IMG_3065

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