Oriane &Akash

After searching tirelessly for a wedding photographer we finally found what we were looking for in Katia via Instagram. We have been following her for over a year before our wedding in August 2017. We fell in love with her pictures and they just looked like paintings. Her work stood out by a mile and we knew instantly that we wanted her as our wedding photographer.

We wanted natural pictures during our wedding and found that Katia had the same feeling about wedding pictures so it didn’t take us long to decide what we wanted. Katia has always been excellent at communicating i.e. from sending us a quote to arranging flights, hotels and meeting up with us on the day. We felt that Katia really made the effort to get to know us and ensured that the photos of our wedding reflected our personalities which offered a really nice personal touch.

Once Katia confirmed that she was available for all the three events i.e. Mehendi, Wedding and Reception we had a Skype call so we all could know each other better. She was very interested in our story, how we met, what we expected from our wedding and vice-versa.
Katia straight away loved the idea of an open air wedding so that was a bonus! We shared the event location and she immediately started giving feedback in terms of flower décor for all the venues. These are invaluable feedback from photographers to get the perfect shot. We got her introduced to our wedding planners so they could co-ordinate.

Once Katia arrived in the city for the event she was very easy to work with, as the events went on we got to know and understand each other better. For example, I am not good at posing or acting for pictures and she understood that very quickly so she would just tell me what to do, how to pose etc... During the event Katia always knew what to do and where to get the best shot of us and our guests. She is quiet and soft spoken and is genuinely down to earth person. Everyone loved her personality. She shot all the best expression during the events. Looking at the pictures now we are extremely happy with the results, we have amazing natural pictures of the guests and ourselves. Our pre-shoot was fun and for our wedding day she was almost invisible like a photographic ninja but captured the most precious moments. Her perception of events and ability to see things that others would miss is unique. One thing we have mention is that Katia simply knows what shot she wants based on location, lightings and etc. For example, our pre-wedding shoot was in a temple called Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple which was located in the outskirts of Bangalore. There were times when we continued posing and she would have already taken her shots. She would then click more saying you both are really patient. Such is her charm.

Everything was perfect, from the communication, quick turnaround and nearly 1200 plus shots of pure gold that we will treasure forever. Katia if you are reading this. We both hope you enjoyed our wedding as much as we enjoyed having you as our guest in Bangalore. Hope to meet you someday. Our special thank you to Ruby Singh, who was very patient whilst taking group pictures and an absolute gentleman.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer then look no further than Katia and her team.

Lots of Love and Best Wishes
Oriane & Akash


When our wedding was fixed first thing that came to my mind was I need an amazing photographer who would capture our wedding day with perfection. After talking to almost 35 photographers we choose Katia, we saw her profile and loved her work and the first time we talked to her we were convinced that she is the one who can get this done without have to tell her every little detail. She is very professional, talented photographer and always available for your questions and concerns. She has done a great work on our wedding photos. Thank you Katia. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and relatives.


I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience with Katia. My husband (then fiance) and I hired her to do our pre-wedding shoot for us during our trip from the USA to India in November 2015. We planned the shoot in Agra and she met us there and spent the whole day with us, shooting in various parts of the city that she knew well. The day ended up being not only a photo shoot, but a memorable experience touring the city. The edited photos were delivered within days and were ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. She was so pleasant and easy to work with, not to mention knowledgable and talented. I would recommend her highly to anyone - she provides unique, beautiful, artistic photos with soft lighting, as well as great memories.


I saw Katia's pictures online and fell in love with the pictures. I and my fiancee are camera shy so we were very sure that we wanted someone who will make us feel comfortable and was easy to get along and Katia was just the person. She does her work religiously and gets herself involved. Right from choosing the venues to deciding our clothes for the shoot, Katia was more enthusiastic than us. She has no qualms for working long hours. She is so energetic, at one point you will see her climbing the tree while at another she would be standing deep in water just to get that perfect shot. The 3 days she spent with us during our wedding functions, she was not just our photographer but became a part of the family. Thank you Katia for capturing our journey so beautifully.


I had a lot of fun being photographed by Katia during my wedding in Udaipur. Katia has a keen eye for detail, but she also goes the extra mile to capture every detail that even you won’t think of. In fact, I applaud Katia for being able to put up with me, as I was often too overwhelmed with activity, and at times, would be unwilling to participate! Katia encouraged us to be open to everything, and assured me that no matter what I felt, every memory is worth capturing. Now when I look back at all our wedding photos, I see a story, a memory, and a wonderful reflection of the amazing 3 days. Not every photographer I have worked in the past has been able to capture the depth of emotions the way Katia did. She wasn’t superficial or pretentious in the way she crafted our memories, she was all about the little things. She managed to capture the detail in my lehenga, the moment of Jai Mala, the defining moment when Jake first applied sindoor and most importantly, she managed to capture the emotions in our eyes as we danced with fireworks in the backdrop during our wedding Reception. Being able to take photos is one thing, but creating a moment with the perfect light, emotion, angle, and sense of realism is artistry on a new level. Thank you Katia, for always being tremendously hardworking and honest, and above all, for keeping it real.


Then I met Katia through my common friend and after interacting with her, I could find some respite. She completely understood this and captured it perfectly, completely exceeding our expectations. The pre-wedding photo-shoot was a brilliant way of getting to know her-so when she arrived at our resort to capture the ‘getting ready’ moments it was just like having another friend to hang out with and this continued throughout the day! I felt this is it, this is what we were looking for, an adorable person who is ready to adjust with the last minute changes and surprises that every wedding brings with it! She was very helpful in terms of making the couple feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera so that on the wedding day she could get quickly some beautiful shots of just the two of them that look like something out of a magazine. She was so polite and friendly and we loved that she made the whole photography experience good fun. It was coupled with a professional attitude who was always thirsty for better shots without any compromises. At times we felt we are with a strict Teacher 😉 Today my family is absolutely thrilled with the wedding photos; She beautifully captured all the emotions of the day, the beauty of the landscape and architecture where we had the wedding and all the minute details that made it personal to us. The reportage pictures of us and our guests are fabulous – some very funny, some emotional along with some candid moving shots. Every time we look through the photos (and that has been a lot – they are awesome!) we spot something new: an expression, a signpost, a stolen moment – they really tell the story of the day in the best way possible. She provided an excellent service from start to finish and on the wedding day many of our guests commented on what an amazing job she was doing and how she clearly enjoyed photographing the day.

Bhairavi & Ramnath

Katia was an absolute delight to work with! She is very approachable and made it very easy for us to communicate. She captured just the right moments! The pictures are exactly what we hoped for and more!
She was very familiar with the Hindu traditions and kept up with all the rituals. She is very polite, understanding and professional to work with. She answered all our questions and made it very easy for us to make our decision. We are absolutely thrilled with the pictures and looking at them is like re- living the most special day of our lives. We are already recommending her to all our friends. Thank you Katia for capturing the best day of our life so beautifully!

Manasi & Kishen

We approached Katia having spoken to at least 3 photographers. Her simplicity, innocence and
passion for photography distinguish her from the more commercial sorts.We met her in Goa prior to the wedding and knew instantly that we wanted her to shoot our big day. In that first meeting she was already doing a recce of the wedding venue to plan the shoot.

Her creativity is evident from the pictures but what makes her special is that she is extremely effortless and a delight to work with...Every one at the wedding loved her for her energy. She has managed to beautifully capture the essence and mood of the wedding and we couldn’t have been happier with our wedding pictures. Thank you Katia for bringing out the best in us. Wish you all the happiness and success.Looking forward to more shoots in the future.

Svenja & Jeff

When we decided to have our wedding in Udaipur , (a place we fell in love with many times over the years)we knew we had to find a photographer who would be creative enough to tell our story through pictures as well as capture all the happiness and frivolity of our time spend with our friends and family as we embarked on our new life together. I am so happy we chose Katia ...Her unique eye for the unusual and flair for drama gave us and our families memories to cherish forever and she told our love story in a way that was uniquely hers (and yet managed to capture what we wanted - sometimes at risk to her personal safety 😉 She more than went the extra mile for every shot and we wish her much deserved happiness and success. She is forever an integral part of our life story.

Raj & Bhavita

Working with Katia from our pre wedding shoot to capturing all our wedding antics was fun. We love her eye for detail and the uniqueness that Katia brings. Some of pictures look like they couldn't be real because they looked so beautiful. Our picture of us in the pool is so dreamlike and we assure you that was all Katia's work. Katia at times asked us to do things and sometimes we could not figure out why until we saw our pictures and realised the artistry in her work. Katia has a gift and when we look at our photos we see it in all of them.