“WHO YOU ARE?” or 21 odds about me

IMG_4296 копия

Today I got an anonymous msg, asking me to answer only one question: “WHO YOU ARE?”

That’s nice, dude! I would love to answer your question once I will get some idea about it!! Hmm.. but all day long…I kept myself busy to figure out the answer somehow…

If someone will ask you same question (or, who knows, one day you will ask yourself), will you put down

all that typical job searcher stuffs like profession/nationality/gender? And what if one day you will decide to change your gender? Will you stay same person as before?

The trick is you will never really realize that now you are 840 breaths older than you was an hour ago.

I found myself confused. At the same time there is always other side of the coin. Like, as I believe, my “likes” and “dids” dropped me right where I am now, and todays attraction will lead me to the bright, fascinating tomorrow (Hello, Karma!)

Well, what we have for now.  Continue reading