What you wanted to know about me: my interview for Shaadiography

Well, again a bit about me…:) People keep asking me: how I came to India, why I love the country, how I managed to come here and bring my Dream to become true.. So now I have pleasure to present my  interview what I gave exclusively for “Shaadiography” and represent here… Enjoy reading 🙂

 my interview for Shaadiography

Dear Katia, we at Shaadiography really like your work and the fresh perspective that you bring to Wedding Photography. Tell us about yourself and your journey until now.

Thank you very much 🙂 Well, we have to travel 20 years back where my story began. I was brought up watching my Dad work as a Photographer, not all his life but it took few years of him to go really deep into. It was my first encounter with Photography. What I really learnt from him was to be brave and fight for your dream. Not to care too much about inhibitions and people who are trying to restrict you.

We can see that you love being in India. What made you move to India?
When I reached the age of 16 I became kind of a “spiritual” person. At least I became a Vegetarian (continue to be one) and came to know about Krishnamurti and other teachers. Fanaticism is big part of my nature, this way I got to know about India and my interest turned to Anthropology. That time our family could not afford travel so my dedication to my new passion made me collect every book I could find on India and I started reading a lot about this lovely country.

the moment before turning to a wife

So when did you finally visit India? How was the experience like?
Back then if someone would have asked me what my dream was, answer would have always been the same ‘I want live in India!’. But it was still a dream and I had to turn it into reality. I finished school, got into university, moved out of my parent’s home. Finally I collected some money and for the first time came to India with a friend.

We are sure after moving to India you must have been overwhelmed with all the things around you.
It felt like I came home after a long vacation :), everything is so close to my heart. But I felt like a stranger and understood being a tourist won’t help.

How did you finally manage your way in then? So much so that you decided to start your professional life here.
After my first visit I kept coming every year and at the same time my journey as a Photographer took off. I have been educated to be a Journalist and a part of the course was Photography. I tried different genres of Photography and finally fell in love with Wedding Photography. Meanwhile my dream of living in India was still very much alive. So I finally decided to combine my two passions – India and Photography. Photography is great instrument to learn people, traditions, and as I do Wedding Photography there is plenty of opportunities for me to see real life!

magic light during phera ceremony, Agra

It must have been difficult understanding all the Indian wedding rituals initially. How did you manage all of this?
Some knowledge came from the books, you always keep learning. Every new Wedding brings a fresh perspective. Whatever I see for the first time, I don’t hesitate to ask, people love my curiosity and explain me everything.

That’s a very good way to go about it. Where all have you travelled in India? Which is your favorite place to shoot? Any dream Wedding project you would want to cover?
Ohhh.. You came to my favorite topic 🙂
I have traveled almost everywhere, except extremely remote locations. North East is one place I really want to go. And my dream is to build a collection of at least one Wedding shoot from each state. This will help me with complete knowledge of Indian Weddings. 🙂

That’s such a candid response Katia and it’s true that the diversity you see here in India is huge and rare.
Exactly why I love being here! 🙂

pre wedding shoot on Bali, Indonesia

One experience that stands out from all your Wedding Shoots?
Well sometimes guests would treat me as a curious tourist, especially if it is big party in a grand hotel where you see lot of foreigners. This one time one of the guests said to me, ‘Hey, you have shot enough, please leave it’s a private party!’ hahaha..

Haha. What did you do next?
Well I decided to show him who’s the Boss. 🙂
Haha no, I casually gave him my business card.

That’s a polite way of handling things. We see that you use landscapes quite well in your pre wedding shoots. Do you plan your shoots well in advance location?
For a good answer’s sake I can say that I can shoot anywhere, but frankly I hate going to unknown locations. I always do my research about the place where I am going to shoot and typically will visit a day before the shoot. This also helps me in knowing in which direction sun shall rise/set and at what time.

pre wedding sesion in Varanasi

This is a really interesting image, we would love to know more about this. 
Guys wanted to bring out the true spirit of Varanasi in a photo, so we decided to go for boating at sunrise. Sun came from opposite side and as I planned you can see colored golden ghats of Varanasi.

Any Indian Wedding Photographer work you adore and look up to?
Sephi Bergerson

What do you like the most about his work?
His artwork is like a true story. I mean he has deep understanding of traditions, this can be clearly seen in his compositions.

girls enjoying mehandi party

Final Question: What suggestion would you give to people who want to venture into Wedding Photography?
I would suggest… before you learn how to put watermarks on photos, please read about legends like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sally Mann.
Don’t copy past, be Brave and Creative!
And of course – Believe in your Dream.

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