“WHO YOU ARE?” or 21 odds about me

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Today I got an anonymous msg, asking me to answer only one question: “WHO YOU ARE?”

That’s nice, dude! I would love to answer your question once I will get some idea about it!! Hmm.. but all day long…I kept myself busy to figure out the answer somehow…

If someone will ask you same question (or, who knows, one day you will ask yourself), will you put down

all that typical job searcher stuffs like profession/nationality/gender? And what if one day you will decide to change your gender? Will you stay same person as before?

The trick is you will never really realize that now you are 840 breaths older than you was an hour ago.

I found myself confused. At the same time there is always other side of the coin. Like, as I believe, my “likes” and “dids” dropped me right where I am now, and todays attraction will lead me to the bright, fascinating tomorrow (Hello, Karma!)

Well, what we have for now. 

1. I had been a journalist before being a full time painter, and later getting engaged to photography.

2. I believe my own Angel is following me.

3. I can not live in megapolis.

4.There is nothing better than dancing under rain.

5. Once i described myself as a gipsy. I can’t hold myself long at one place. Actually I’v heard about my grandma (I have never seen her), that she was taken from Bukhara, so I think, rooting out is in my blood.

6. I am a damn dogs lover. I have my portraits with almost all dogs I met in my life (mostly they were street dogs). Ehmmm.. not only with dogs actually  🙂

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Unfortunately I never had my own dog… 

7. I had really big compleх about I am not indian, until I realised that some indians prefer to be “me”.

8. In my diary I had noted: “When I will be old and out of money, I will go to India before my death anyhow, even if it will demand barefoot pilgrimage.”

9. I have strong believe that every day can be my last day. So nothing really matters. Forget and Forgive.

10. My religion is simple: “never complain and never regret”.

11. Yes, I love bollywood movie scenes when unfortunate lover interrupt shaadi only on 4th phera…Because its never late. For anything.

12. I was not born in India but definitely I will die here. Before that I will explore every corner and will write few books.

13. My dad was a clown before getting into photography, and later became a showman. I spent my childhood behind the scene and in his darkroom (which was set up in bathroom somehow).

14. After my father’s early death mom took me to the seacoast. I learned how to dive and observed fish behaviour at eleven.

15. I read my first book about India at age of 16th. Since then I am India-addict.

16. I dance only when surely no one can see. I believe I don’t know how to dance, but I love it.

17. I had a dream to become wedding photographer in India and it turned to be my Best Decision Ever.

18. At twelve I planned escape from home. I made supplies and wrote “map” of my expected route. Ended with tremendous fiasco when one day mom came to my school holding my diary.

19. I can’t handle short talks but can speak about Life all night long.

20. I love long drive trips on bike, and consider cars as boring stuff.

21. My mantra is: “Screw it, Let’s do it!” ..ehhh.. “Love never dies” is another one.

Now grab cup of coffee and write your own list. I promise you will enjoy it too!

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